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An easy path to Internet success.

The Internet is a powerful, cost effective, communications tool that must not be ignored by any business or organization. It's readily available to everyone, irrespective of the size of their advertising budget and yet most business people are unsuccessful employing this wonderful resource. Why? Because they fail to step back and think about how simple the process is. It's a common mistake to jump into a web project without a clear goal or definition as to what constitutes success.

It's really a simple process.

Just organize and package your information in a manner that will be interesting and informative to your prospective visitors.  

Imagine yourself sitting across the table from a prospective customer telling her about your products or services. We all have an “elevator pitch”, you know that ten second statement about what we do. Take your elevator pitch and expand it to about 300 words.

This little writing exercise will help you organize your thoughts to the point where you should be able to create a dozen, two or three word search phrases you think people might use to find an organization like yours. Google your phrases. Do your competitors come up? If so, you have the right search phrases. If not you need to experiment with different search phrases until you start seeing the web sites of your competitors. (more)

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