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Take a look at your competitor’s web sites....  You only need to build a better web site  than these. 
Make notes as to what you like and dislike about these web sites. Don’t concern yourself with the graphic elements or photos at this point. We are trying to figure out why these web sites are at the top of the search results for particular search terms. Remember the Google robot didn’t look at the pretty graphics or photos when it decided to place these sites at the top of the list for a particular search term. The robot made its decision on the text content of the page and a few simple technical points under the hood, along with 90 other points of consideration you shouldn't concern yourself with.
Yes I am suggesting you ignore SEO. This is one of those complex subjects that looks easy when you are starting and you listen to the hype from con artists who promises to move you to the top of Google. It is also an area that can easily put you in disfavor with the search engine robots when practiced by an amateur or an overly aggressive "Professional". Stay away from it and earn your way to the top of the search results the old fashion way, with good quality content.
As you review your competitor’s web sites keep in mind that being at the top of the search results is only one third of the battle.

The next third is to have compelling information visible in the search result so your prospective customer wants to click on the listing for your page. Notice I said “web page” rather than “website”.  Google thinks in terms of pages rather than whole web sites. Every page in your website is potentially a front page. The third piece in the puzzle is to have interesting informative content with a clear call to action on your web page. The pretty graphics and photos should be there to support the message and make the visitor feel comfortable.

Success is simple. Impress the search engine robot and your search result listing will be at the top of the list. Have a concise title and description to display in the search results that will entice the searcher to click on your listing. Take them to a page with interesting compelling content and a clear call to action.
My call to action, for this page is:
Spend a couple of hundred dollars now, consulting with me, and save thousands in the long run.

Call me at 530-562-4429 or send me an email, and I will help you develop a web strategy.  I have been building and marketing web sites since 1994.

You don’t need a great deal of money to succeed but you do need to be willing to invest time in creating original, informative content.
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