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Working With Me
Send me an email with your questions, thoughts and rough project plans. We can setup up, a no cost 30 minute, phone appointment to discuss your project in more detail. If we can clearly define the scope of your project I will work on a fixed price.

If you are building a new web site the best way to work with me is to state your budget and ask me what I can do for that amount. There are dozens of trade offs that can have a radical effect on the price of creating a new web site. I can help you understand the big picture so you can get the most value for your investment. I favor hybrid web sites built from a collection of pre-built software components. The hybrid approach gives us the most flexibility as to look and feel and you will end up with a web site where you can edit all your content from a series of online forms. I like to follow a basic "less is more" philosophy where graphical elements are there to support your message, not to entertain or dazzle your visitors. I prefer projects in the four to ten thousand dollar range. My greatest contribution comes from understanding the Internet as a marketing tool and the ability to keep your business goal in mind. 
I have been in the software business all my adult life. I started out with IBM right  out of college then Hewlett Packard and followed by two successful start ups. For the last 20 years I have focused on the Internet, helping people create and manage a successful web sites. 

Send me an email to get a dialog started.
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